15 Feb The Future of X

Source: Olafs Photoblog

Fujifilm has just released a new addition to the X-series line of cameras – the X-H1. This is not going to be a review of this camera as I haven’t had a chance to shoot with it yet. Instead, I would like to discuss some of my highly biased and unfiltered thoughts on the future of the X-series.

It all started with the original X100. I was one of the first shooters of this quirky little camera, which for the first year of its release (2011) was almost impossible to buy. Interestingly, it was not amateur photographers who got excited about it at first, quite the contrary. I remember the reaction of some people: “Why would you pay so much for such a tiny camera?” “Why don’t you get an SLR?” Back then, SLR was king and was perceived as a professional tool and everyone wanted to look like a pro.

How come the X100 became so popular, then? It was because after years of shooting with heavy, complicated, boring SLRs, professionals got their hands on the X100 and couldn’t let it go. It was a new way of approaching photography – it was a highway to creative freedom. We would leave our SLRs for the boring stuff and for fun we would venture out with the X100. Then, of course, as more and more professional photographers started to shoot with the X100, amateurs took notice. Really? How come my favourite photographer is shooting with this little thing instead of a…

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