13 Jan The Future of Fuji X

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Canon PowerShot G7 X (15.79mm, f/4, 1/5 sec, ISO200)

When I got the Fuji X100 in 2011 I had no idea that it would change everything. It was just supposed to be my compact, take everywhere camera.

One year later I got the X-Pro1 and slowly added lenses. In spring  2016 I got the X-Pro2, sold my Canon full frame DSLR plus lenses shortly after and completely switched to Fuji.

Back in 2016 DSLRs were still big mainly because Canon and Nikon haven’t entered the mirror less market with serious cameras yet. That has changed. Last year Canon and Nikon finally brought their first real mirrorless cameras and of course those cameras sport full frame sensors. Panasonic also added a full frame mirror less and I predict that this will be the end for the m43 format. Olympus will follow soon. I know that there is rumours about a new m43 pro camera from Olympus but I think this format will be as dead as a dodo soon.

What has this long intro to do with Fuji? I think that Fuji will remain the only serious camera system with an APS-C sensor. Don’t get me wrong: APS-C cameras will remain in production for quite some time. Entry level DSLRs are still attractive because you get a lot of camera for very little money. Just don’t expect any fancy lenses designed for the APS-C sensor of those entry level DSLRs.

So when all companies move to the full frame format for….

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