21 Sep The Fujifilm X-T2 for concert photography

Shooting live music comprises a significant percentage of my photography. It is also a style I enjoy a lot, both as a photographer and as a musician myself.

Thought the years I have used a number of cameras in this discipline and have grown to demand a number of features and level of performance in order to make my life easier; and also more enjoyable. Shooting with Fuji exclusively for quite some time now, I already posted about my first all-Fuji concert photography experience a few months ago. Now with the advent of the X-T2, I guess it was time to evaluate the camera in this environment. Which I did shooting this music festival, and there is where you can check out photo samples too (also all photos in this post are from that concert and the X-T2).

The X-T2 was used alongside the X-Pro2, for two obvious reasons: I know the X-Pro2 much better and it was my safeguard and it’s also a brilliant idea to have to cameras on you (with different lenses) in a live music shooting. Concerning the final image quality, there is absolutely no difference I can discern between the two cameras, so no point in discussing this particular subject.

Speaking of the X-Pro2 and live music, I have already spoken about in my “first two months” review: I have found the camera to be ultra responsive, very intuitive and generally a joy to use in such an environment. This evaluation carries on to the X-T2,