01 Jul The Fujifilm X-Pro2: The Optical Viewfinder Documentary Hybrid Camera for the Rest of Us?

Ever since Canon’s EOS 5D Mark II reopened the doors to photography and moviemaking to me after too many years sidelined due to severe photochemical allergies, I have been waiting for a worthy and affordable digital successor to the Leica M analog rangefinder cameras that gave birth to my way of seeing and creating images, whether still and moving.

I had tried the X-Pro1 but found it disappointing – its lack of built-in diopter correction, fairly average ergonomics and glacial autofocus speed being its top three disappointments amongst several. Would its successor, the X-Pro2, rectify those faults and be what I had been waiting for all this time?  Would it be the poor person’s Leica surpassing Leica’s own efforts at creating a rangefinder camera truly fit for the digital age?

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