07 Sep The Fujifilm X-E3, small but mighty

Source: Charlene Winfred

The three of you that are long time readers of this somewhat irregular blog, will know that what my camera looks like, is important to me. Almost exactly 2 years ago, I wrote an uncharacteristic post about all the Fujis I’ve loved before, and then followed it up with more angst a few months later. Both these posts have the same message: I like rangefinder bodies, the more compact the better, and my favourite one so far has been the X-E2.

Today marks the launch of the X-E3, the E2’s next incarnation. Insert googly eyed emoji here.

The X-E3 is, in a nutshell, all my favourite things, in an even smaller package than its predecessor. It’s like Yoda. You think it’s a small frog, then it turns out to be a Jedi Master.

So, what’s new in the X-E range?

APS-C 24.3 megapixel X-Trans CMOS III sensor First X series model to feature Bluetooth. Touchscreen LCD panel with new touch functions like gesture control etc, similar to the GFX Updated AF algorithm for enhanced tracking performance 4K video capability with Fuji’s film simulations

The above is just what I’m aware of… during the course of testing this camera, I discovered other features that have been available since X-Pro2 days, like RAW output at extended ISOs. Until a couple of weeks ago, I assumed that shooting at extended ISOs produced JPEGs, like they did with the older cameras…

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