02 Oct The Fujifilm X-E3: a really lightweight video kit

Source: Charlene Winfred

Flemming and I spent Saturday night making stills and video at Zouk Singapore, for a Fujifilm Nordic video in the works. It’s the first time I’ve been to the new Zouk in Clarke Quay. When we made the promotional movie for the XF 16-55mm lens, the club was still at its original venue in Jiak Kim street.

But that hasn’t been the only thing that has changed. Our video making has changed markedly in this time too, although its biggest leap is a very recent development.

Video with the X-E3

It may not have been entirely clear, but my X-E3 promo movie that was released on Sept 6? Most of it was filmed in 4K with the X-E3. Every scene without my face or X-E3, was shot on this tiny powerhouse.

Watch it here if you haven’t already.

As an enthusiast of small, discreet cameras, the X-E3 is a dream to bring on the streets. But its heaviest impact right now? Reinvigorating my enthusiasm for video in a BIG way, by eliminating two headaches in one hit.

Shooting video with the X-T1 in 2015

It’s best put in context of the last video Flemming and I made in Zouk: The XF 16-55mm F2.8 promotional movie in 2015. It was where I walked around with what looked like sticks of dynamite stuck to a Gorillapod, in the picture below. And they still let us in. We love Zouk.

Steady-sinker in action. Photo: Flemming Bo Jensen

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