18 Feb The Fujifilm GFX 50S Goes to Mongolia

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William Chua took his pre-production Fujifilm GFX 50S to shoot in Mongolia during the dead of winter and came back with some great photos, but whats probably most impressive is the camera standing up to chilly -30 degrees Celsius throughout his trip. “I was given the chance to test out the new Fujifilm GFX camera a […]

I was given the chance to test out the new Fujifilm GFX camera a few months ago. Besides testing it out in normal environment in Singapore, shooting weddings and portraits, I also wanted to stress test it a bit more.
I wanted to see how it performs in a harsh environment. So I brought the camera to the harsh winter of Mongolia, where I was shooting at temperatures of -30 degrees Celsius. I stayed with the Mongolian horsemen, in their Ger Tents, enjoyed horse meat, mutton, and the freezing temperatures in the steppes..
I have to say the camera handled the situation very well. For a medium format camera, it performs well in low light situations, focusing was good enough, resolution was great ..

As a travel photographer, traveling with the 3 available lenses ( 32-64mm, 63 mm f2.8, 120mm f4) with the GFX does not feel too heavy. Battery life performed better than expected, though u cannot compare it with a DSLR. Overall a great experience, and shooting with the camera can be very addictive.

Here is a video of the images taken during the trip. I was hosted by the horsemen, and portraits in the Ger Tent was with available light. Camera was freezing cold most of the times, as long as I am not in the Ger tent..

All photos here taken with the GFX
With extra video coverage from the xt2

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