Back in October while on the east coast I stopped by Fujifilm’s USA Headquarters in Valhalla NY(just north of NYC –about 45 minutes). We had a great lunch and some interesting discussions. It was great to meet some new folks I had not met before . Just as I was leaving, Justin Stailey, Fuji’s Sr. Product Manager held in his hand something he just received from Japan. It was the 2x converter. One of the things I love about working with Fuji is that I don’t have to say things just to say them. If there is something that I really don’t like they want to know it. In other words.. they get it.. they listen. I told Justin that in my 25 or so years, “I’ve seen 2x converters come and go. Some were terrible, some we just passable and if Fuji could make one that really works and maintains the optical performance of the original lens ….That would be a first in my book”. He smiled and told me I would be surprised—I was!

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