23 Jan The Fuji X70 – A review

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Finding a camera that delivers awesome image quality in a small and light package has always been a quest of mine. While there are a ton of great tiny cameras out there, none of them have really clicked for me (no pun intended). That’s why I got excited when the good guys at Fujifilm announced the Fuji X70. It sounded too good to be true: amazing APS-C size sensor in a small & sexy package. I have now had the Fuji X70 for over a month and love it. This post summarizes some of my experiences with it.

Technical stuff
There are plenty of websites out there that do a great job explaining all the technical features of the Fuji X70. Here is what attracted me to the camera:
– Small & light: you can easily fit this camera into your pocket
– Versatile lens: 18.5mm is nice all-purpose lens (28mm equivalent)
– APS-C sensor: the amazing Fuji X-Trans sensor delivers great image quality
– Tilting LCD Screen
– Wifi Capable: Quick & easy transfer of your images to a smart phone
– Fuji X: this camera works just like all the other great cameras from the Fuji X series

There are some other features that sounded intriguing to me:
– Touchscreen
– Face/ eye detection AF
Portability & Sound
Let’s start with the best feature of the Fuji X70: Portability. Its size & weight is close to perfect IMHO. You can easily fit it into any pocket.

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