27 Jun The Fuji X-T2 And Remembering Photography Is Fun

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Why would a full frame Nikon man spend his hard earned dollars to buy a crop sensor Fuji?  Well, the answer is more basic than one might think.

I made a realization the other day. I wasn’t particularly deep in thought at the time, but rather it was just one of those moments when a truth suddenly dawns on you and sets off a chain reaction in your mind.

Looking over my most recent images and assignments, trying to plan out which images would be right for my next social media post, it suddenly dawned on me. I never take pictures just for fun anymore. Like, ever.

Sure, I’ll take out my phone and snap a shot of the waves if I find myself having an unexpected seat on the beach during a location scout. Or maybe I snap a quick selfie in the bathroom mirror if I’m feeling particularly fit that day. Not that I would ever post either of those shots online. The beach shot is just there for the memory. The mirror shot is just there for, well, the memory. So the next time I start packing on unwanted pounds I have a bit of visual/shame motivation. But neither of those scenarios would quite rise to the level of an official photo shoot.

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