01 Apr The Fuji X-Pro1 camera has a soul!

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Hi Peter! Would you like to start by presenting yourself to the readers?
Hi! Thank you for having me! I am a dad, musician and freelance photographer based in Aalborg, Denmark.

You photograph in a splendid way a diversity of genres, including Landscape and Weddings, but much of your work we know of is live concerts, including everything that happens around you among the public. Do you have a special connection to this type of photography?
I have no special connection to any specific type of photography I think. I just try to stay true to whatever stuff happens in and around me, and do my best to capture how I feel the moment I’m photographing, regardless of the genre. A few years ago when I bought my first X-Pro1 I suffered from some pretty severe stress-related symptoms.

I was on sick leave for quite some time and in retrospect I’d like to think that my daily walks at that time, with only one camera and one lens, capturing whatever, helped me in some sort of therapeutic way to overcome those obstacles I’ve dealt with. So I have a special connection with photography,…….

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