11 Oct The first issue of the Medium Format Magazine is here!

Source: Olafs Photoblog

It is finally happening. The Medium Format platform and the accompanying Medium Format Magazine are here!

Only two years ago digital medium format photography was the privilege of a very few mostly commercial and fashion photographers who could justify spending the equivalent of a new car on purchasing a medium format system. At that time, most of us could only admire, lust and dream. Whether we admit it or not, the appeal of digital medium format was always there. Now, this fantasy is rapidly becoming reality. The spectral hand of innovation and competition has brought us brand-new medium format tools. In fact, we have reached the point when many of us could sell our collection of lenses and cameras and enter this no-longer-exclusive world of digital medium format photography.

When I entered this exciting new world, one thing struck me right away. I felt lost and confused. Other than a few occasional articles about digital medium format photography, I couldn’t find anything on the internet or elsewhere which would guide me in those crucial first steps.

I soon found I wasn’t alone in this search for knowledge, inspiration and companionship. Whether we are seasoned pros, advanced amateurs or beginners, learning about the precision and craftsmanship demanded by medium format is something that bonds us together.

This union prompted me to create a new home for medium format photographers. We knew from the start that the only right name for this new home must be MediumFormat.com. Then the idea of the

The first issue of the Medium Format Magazine is here! posted on Olafs Photoblog on .

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