01 Oct The first “all Fuji” wedding

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“You will probably need surgery, Fernando” the doctor said.

“Damn” I though.

I had high hopes on the nerve infiltration, but the results were bad. The tendinitis still hurt. And that was after 4 expensive months of treatment with kinotherapy.

The doctor told me that in case of an operation on the arm nerves and muscle, the minimum recovery time would be 3-5 months and probably some more time to get the muscle back. As a wedding photographer it meant losing the high season altogether, and health expenses beyond my means. With my first baby due in 2 months, I was in a really, really, really uncomfortable position.

I had a love–hate relationship with my Canon 6D. It enabled me to work and do amazing things. But it was slowly crippling my right arm.


That´s how much a 6D + Sigma 35mm + battery weights.

Now, imagine holding it for 10 straight hours (what an average wedding lasts in Chile). Now imagine a flash on top. And another 6D + 85mm in your left shoulder. And batteries. And extra lenses.

Yeah. Ouch.

Fuji X-t1 . Fuji Xf16mmF1.4R . f/1.6 . 1/1000″ . ISO 1600Fuji X-Pro2 . Fuji XF56mmF1.2R . f/1.2 . 1/250″ . ISO 6400Fuji X-T10 . Fuji XF56mmF1.2R . f/8 . 1/3200″ . ISO 200

A friend of mine had already sold me an X100s and I started to use it for family photos and some minor press gigs. It felt complicated and slow. But then it allowed

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