13 Oct The fabulous life of a working photographer!

Source: Olafs Photoblog

You wake up in the morning in your designer house with a fabulous ocean view knowing it is going to be another successful day in your photographic career. You need to believe in yourself – they say! Then you head to your glitzy kitchen and prepare a healthy breakfast with organic eggs and your must-have cup of organic coffee with a perfectly measured dose of the latest natural, organic sweetener. You eat your breakfast slowly for better digestion, checking your emails on your brand-new iPhone X. Then you go to your office full of head-spinningly expensive, mega-sized prints on the walls. This is also where your just-acquired 5K, all-in, 64gb RAM iMac shares space with a brand new medium format camera and a line-up of shiny new lenses, some of them still unpacked.

You start your machine and smile. Your new book just reached the best sellers’ list on Amazon but you are not surprised. All your workshops just filled up – you are not surprised. As you glance at your social media feed, you jot down a few thank yous in response to a flood of praise and WOWs. It is time to write a few words of encouragement for the photographic world, you think. As usual you start “What a fantastic day I have…” but you are interrupted by the telephone. It is a new client asking about private consulting. You check your schedule and fit the lucky chap in between your photographic trips to Paris and…

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