25 Feb the-f-stands-for-the-fujifilm-x100f

Source: Fujifilm Insider

… oh well, what does it stand for now? I think the official explanation is well known: It’s simply the fourth version of the Fujifilm X100. Somewhat boring though… as the F in the name also could stand for fast, or fantastic, or fine thought out, or… simply for fundamental update. But let’s tackle things one at a time…

Shortly after the official announcement – and especially after the publication of its price – the two camps of the well known usual suspects raised: The one camp took the camera for the ultimate, for the third and almost perfect reincarnation of the original X100, now being the much-quoted camera to go with to a desert island. The other camp was going on about the far too high price, too few improvements, the too small sensor, the missing of weather sealing, the absence of a tilting screen, the (alleged) poor lens quality, the… do I really have to continue the list? I don’t think so. Who, in fact, is in the right? Sometimes both… seen from their particular point of view, as it is often the case. Needless to say whose point of view I concur with. 😉

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