11 Sep The evolution of the pro hybrid camera: X-T2 initial review

Now that the new wonder kid is officially heading for the stores, I thought it is appropriate for my initial user-review. I had the opportunity to have the camera, in a “virtually final” production form but with beta-firmware, for a limited amount of time, which I tried to take advantage of to answer most of mine, and, hopefully, my readers’ questions.

For this review, I decided to approach the camera from a number of different angles. First of all, as a Fuji user, which currently uses an X-Pro2; how the X-T2 compares (and, actually does it really compare) with the other Fuji flagship? Also, how it improves on the X-T1? Another angle was that of a former user of DSLRs and also a former Olympus OMD user: a line of cameras which share a similar design paradigm as the X-T2.

Somewhat surprisingly, there is also another approach, which will be dominant, at least in this part of the review (because more will follow in the next weeks). And that is the one of a stills photographer gradually expanding into the film-making discipline also. The X-T2 is the first Fuji camera with decisively upgraded video features, and this is a really big deal for the company. Let’s see then…

Externally and in the hand, the camera looks and feels like a much improved version of the original X-T1. The overall look and function are very similar but one can immediately find improvements in every area, both in construction/quality terms and ergonomically. It is…

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