10 Feb The Everyday Life of Ordinary People

Source: Valérie Jardin

Street photography is more than beautiful light and shadows. It’s a glimpse into the life of ordinary people. An expression or a gesture that tells the story of everyday life.

Yes, as you know, I love photographing a beautiful silhouette or a person walking through a shaft of light in the perfect step, but those images are much less challenging or rewarding than capturing a really special expression or gesture. Both are still a depiction of everyday life, the first is more giving, while it is much more difficult to see and appreciate the second. The rate of success in capturing the uniqueness of everyday life in a compelling photograph is also much lower.

The slice of life forever frozen in time, in all its simplicity, is what street photography means to me in its purest form. I am the happiest when I capture a moment of the human condition, whether it is love, sadness, the struggles of aging or anything in between. The challenge is to learn to recognize the moment that will make the strongest possible photograph. It can be as subtle as the position of a hand on a railing, the loneliness in a woman’s eyes or men adjusting they reading glasses.

I hope this makes sense. Here is a selection of photographs to help illustrate the point I am trying to convey, because a photograph is worth a thousand words.



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