08 Nov The English Woman and C.G.Jung

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Ruth Bailey with C.G.Jung

It was a surprise to find that our new contributor, David Bailey, is a published author who is already building up a solid reputation. I entered David’s world, quite by chance, because of his enthusiasm for Fuji X-Series cameras and the offer I made to publish some of his musings on the subject.

At that very moment his new book, The English Woman and C.G.Jung, was about to go to press and David asked me to read the final draft. I ended up doing a bit of sub-editing and also drafted in our German contributor, Dr. Claus Sassenberg, to tidy up some of the German dialogue. The book, which has just been published, is something of a triumph for David. It is his first foray into the field of biographical novels, based on the true story of his Great Aunt Ruth.

By a very strange set of circumstances and coincidences, Ruth Bailey became one of the closest friends of the Swiss psychoanalyst, Carl Gustav Jung, and spent most of the 1950s looking after Jung up to his death in June 1961.

David recounts the fascinating story beginning with Ruth’s teenage years. She grew up in Cheshire and, through her brother Alfred became associated with the internationally renowned Ferodo company, famous for the invention and manufacture of brake linings, founded by Herbert Frood. Alfred married Frood’s elder daughter, Millicent, and they are author David Bailey’s grandparents.

After World War One spent serving as a nurse, Ruth was at something of a…

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