17 Jan The End of my two Black & White 365’s

Source: LightTraveler

I announced the end of my two black and white 365’s on YouTube for a change. I must admit I had not had time to reflect when I made the YouTube video and I was still thinking about making a book or some prints.

I decided not to make a book because all the images are available to view on Instagram and these two projects ( Paths and Weather ) were something for me to help me plan my future in photography and to teach me something about myself. When I made the YouTube video I really had not reflected on the projects. It was only when I decided to delete all the images out of my iPhone library that I made a discovery.

I thought it would be easy ! Just go back and delete all the Path and Weather project images and that will be it. I was possibly going to keep a few but I doubted it would be many.

I also started to delete my copy’s of the litter project images as well and just keep the ones on my Colour Instagram account @matt6t6cour

That’s when I realised I had quite a few I really liked and had quite a collection of Jake ( my dog) on the

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