06 May The Dark Side

Source: Ivan Joshua Loh

As a Fuji fanboy; we all have our favorite X-series camera or cameras. My favorite is definitely the X-Pro and X100 series. This is also how I started my love affair with the brand. I love the rangefinder style of both these sexy cameras. The hybrid viewfinder is definitely unique. In a nutshell they feel special in my hands. Not many cameras are able to create this emotion. If rumor is true about GFX 50R; I am really looking forward to

this rangefinder style medium format camera.

What about my GFX and X-T2? They are certainly my top choice for my commercial work. They are workhorse. Professional workhorse indeed. Today I wanna share something on the dark side. I have never own a X-A series camera. But when Mr Favian Loo from Fujifilm Singapore handed me a X-A5 and ask me to have a look at the new Dark Silver model. I am a sucker to great style and design. Boy, was I blown away by the color and hue. X-A5 have always be a fun and cute looking camera. But this Dark Silver really makes the X-A5 looks modern, handsome and somehow looks more expensive.

Welcome to the dark side.

As its on a darker shade; all the texts on the camera is now in white. Yes you heard it. I actually love it. How it compliment the color of dark sliver beautifully.

What is there not to

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