19 Feb The curve of time

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As landscape photographers, we pursue the elements. We live and breathe the outdoor spaces, the pristine wilderness. This year has been challenging. However, it hasn’t stopped all of us from fleeing the city in exchange for solitude and reconnection with nature.

For me, mastering the light is about being in the elements and observing the scene. It’s about understanding my bond with the landscape and exploiting the beauty to be found in natural shapes and textures. Photography is more than a photograph. It’s the thrill of being on location. I enjoy nothing more than reading the landscape and waiting in anticipation for the morning or evening light to unveil the contrasting beauty.

Fuji GFX 50R . Fuji GF32-64mmf4 @58.60mm . f/11 . 1/8″ . ISO 100 – Classic Dolomites, South Tyrol, Italy

During a hike, the feelings of accomplishment resonate in my thoughts. There’s a sense of excitement waking up in the ungodly hours to explore a new location. There are no people, only elements. Wind on my face, retreating water on the shore or the sound of ancient sands under my feet. It’s all part of the pleasure as a landscape photographer.

From each episode, I try to capture as few images as possible. One photo either side of the day is an accomplishment. My camera isn’t about chasing the latest technology. Rather it’s about utilising the rendering of the organic colours and forms found in nature and sharing my art form with the world.

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