10 May The Craft of Street Portraiture

Source: Olafs Photoblog

The fusion of light, shadow, line and perspective drives my seeing and photography. Most of my images include a human element but it is usually subtle and subservient to the overall image. 

I do, however, enjoy street portraiture a lot. If I decide to shoot people as my main subject, I want to get close. I want to get intimate and attentive. Somehow, most in-between images don’t appeal to me. 

The issue is that in order to achieve such an intimacy and closeness, I usually need to interact with my subject. I was never a fan of the undercover techniques used by some photographers. It is not that I am complaining or criticizing such an approach, but it is just not in tune with my character or personal comfort level.

In recent months, I have been taking more and more portraits and I really enjoy this experience. Since many of you have asked me about this, let me share with you a few thoughts about this fascinating process. 

Most people want to be photographed and if approached properly, they actually enjoy the experience.One of the biggest misconceptions in street portraiture is the notion that people hate to be approached and photographed. I found this to be a fallacy, at least here in

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