19 Mar The conundrum of my photographic identity

Source: Jonas Rask

It’s very upbeat and in-time to write about your personal issues correlated to your art form. I’ve read so many of these posts from various artists that I get quite suspicious as to the reasoning behind said posts. I always suspected alterior, sales-oriented motifs. That is until I started writing them myself. I could suddenly see the benefits in using my blog as a venting platform for my frustrations and my joy. I don’t do it often (I think!) because I don’t want to be the whining Dane. My life is great. I have no real issues. I never really had.
My childhood was good. So was my youth. I studied medicine. Went on to become a father and a doctor. On top of that I get to conceive and convey my art to thousands of people worldwide.

So why do I need to vent? Yet again!

Let me take you back a month or two. I had just finished doing promotional pack shots for Fujifilm, I had field-tested and written lengthy blogposts on 3 new Fujifilm products all at once. The response was overwhelming. The amount of traffic to this site was off the charts. I was at the launch event in London, and I returned home to continue the whole Instagram promotional thing. Everything was good. But for what had I done this? Or more importantly, who?

It used to be for me. I used to just do my thing, with not much thought to it….

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