09 Feb The Blacksmith with the Fujifilm X100F

Source: Olafs Photoblog

Those who read these pages know that the Fujifilm X100/S/T/F camera is my constant companion. I don’t want to repeat the arguments about why this camera fits my seeing so well. However, based on the many questions we receive and those being asked on social media there seems to be some confusion about a camera with a fixed lens.

In my conversations with photographers, I sense the fear of working with one prime lens. What is it with prime lenses that bothers some photographers so much? “With only one lens I will miss so many photo opportunities” is the most common narrative. But will you?

When shooting with the X100T/F, I have nothing to choose from in terms of gear. My camera is set up beforehand and I am fluent with the camera operations. In addition, shooting with one focal length for a long time allows me to train my eye to previsualize and compose without even raising the camera to my eye.

Instead of asking “Which lens should I use?” and confusing my brain with multiple focal views, I focus instead on connecting with my subject or environment, exploring visuals and challenging my seeing. All of the above require an enormous intellectual and creative effort. Adding another layer of difficulty to this demanding exploit not only takes attention away from key processes but also breaks the chain of thought.

With creative and visual effort funnelled into seeing (with one focal length) my connection, observation and visual risk-taking work in…

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