06 Dec The Best Fujifilm X100F Accessories Compared

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The Fujifilm X100 is my favourite fixed lens compact camera series and the latest model – the X100F – is the best version yet. It is a great companion for street or travel and can be an excellent complement to an interchangeable-lens system.

Its design is simple, elegant and practical thanks to the various buttons and dials but of course, like most cameras, it isn’t perfect. If the X100F is the camera you’re using the most, then a few extra accessories can improve the ergonomics, ease of use or even give your more focal lengths to work with.

Just as with our Fuji X-T20 and Sony a6500 accessory articles, we’ve compiled this exhaustive list based on our experience with accessories we’ve personally tested and enjoyed using. Whether you’re looking for a nice strap, a grip or a battery recommendation, we’ve got you covered!

Before you begin reading, please consider the following:

  • Suggestions: as you can imagine, it is impossible to try all the X100F accessories in existence. If you would like to suggest something that you find useful, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment section.
  • X100F / X100T / X100S / X100: because all the X100 models share many characteristics, I’ve specified the compatibility for each generation of camera.


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