23 Oct The best Fujifilm lenses to start with in late 2017

Source: Olafs Photoblog

It has been a while since we wrote a gear-related post. For the last few months we have concentrated on seeing, composition, light, emotions and projects etc., the least popular concepts in photography

It’s time to correct this omission!

I must admit that the endless stream of emails and online inquiries about “which lens/lenses should I buy” prompted me to tackle this issue head on.

First, I have minimal interest, if any, in the technical aspects of gear. If you are looking for charts, technical discussions or pixel-in-depth scrutiny of every lens you could spend your time better elsewhere. This article is aimed at people who are (1) new to the Fujifilm X-series family, (2) are looking to revamp their photography, or (3) are new to photography in general.

My approach to choosing photographic gear is vision-related, rooted in my own seeing and years of shooting with numerous cameras and lenses. As one of the first adopters of the Fujifilm X-series line (shooting with the original X100) and someone who has worked with all X-series Fujinon lenses and cameras, my primary goal is not to overload you with gear choices. I prefer to put you on the right path to creating strong imagery. Most importantly, I want you to avoid the most common mistakes when starting in photography.

Here is the most common faux pas – buying multiple lenses or, even worse, multiple zoom lenses. Please don’t!

I know the prevalent line of thinking. You are excited about your

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