16 Nov The best Fujifilm lenses to start with in late 2017 – Part II

Source: Olafs Photoblog

If you haven’t had a chance to read the first part of “The best Fujifilm lenses to start with in late 2017” please do so before you read any further.

In the first part, we said that our gear-choices are vision-related, rooted in our own seeing and years of shooting with numerous X-series cameras and lenses. The most important takeaway is this:


Despite the rush of excitement associated with purchasing new gear, some restraint in the early stages of your photographic adventure is essential. Starting with one camera and one lens will allow you to focus on observation and seeing. You will be forced to scrutinize your frame and perspective and craft your imagery rather than hassling with a bag full of gear.   

When you purchase your first lens, you should have two objectives in mind:

The first objective is to learn how to switch from practical seeing (you don’t want to bump into a lamp post while walking along) to a new level of observational and creative seeing. In other words, for the first year, your objective should be to learn how to concentrate, observe and eventually craft strong imagery. The second objective is to achieve the level of seeing which allows you to observe and craft your imagery without looking through the viewfinder. Your vision must become your camera and vice versa. You must fine-tune your seeing to the focal length you are using. The more often you change lenses (focal

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