27 Mar The Best Everyday Camera?

Source: Ivan Joshua Loh

EDC; Everyday Camera.  Every photographer has his favorite. Mine may nothouse a full frame sensor. Its auto focus is not the best in the industry. Its not 100% weather seal. It’s compact but I can’t really put it into my pocket. There is no image stabilizer and it actually cost more than some Full Frame cameras.Having said all this; X100V is my Favorite Everyday Camera. 
As a Fujifilm X-photographer; I do sometime have the privilege to test new cameras and lenses. And thus having to place my fav EDC in the dry box because of these testing projects. The last quarter I was determine to shoot more with it. Not as much as I would like it. 
The X100V will always be special to me and I believe its also special to many other FujiFanBoys around the world. What attracted me to this camera is the form. The design of this camera is beautiful. Beautifully crafted piece of gear. Looks alone is enough to cause me to bring it out. The X100V is not just looks without substance. 
The X100V packs a real punch. I will not elaborate this process but here are thefew key elements. Its now WR if you place a filter over the lens. Its house a leafshutter lens. Which means I could fire my flash or strobes at a much higher sync speed. Its really quiet which makes it a perfect tool for street photography. I love theability of the hybrid viewfinder. Did I mention it has a 4 stop build in ND filter. SometimeI do think I could conquer the world with just this camera and of course together with the two adapter lenses. WCL and TCL. Which converts the build in lens from a35mm lens into either

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