16 Jul The Benagil Sea Cave Adventure

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Benagil Sea Cave
The Algarve Coast in Portugal is an amazing place to visit. The beaches, coves and villages are simply stunning. As an added bonus, the whole coastline is littered with sea caves. Some are easy to visit, others not. Some or boring, others are gorgeous. One of these caves stands out, though. It is breathtakingly beautiful. You have probably seen pictures of it on the internet. I am speaking about the Benagil Sea Cave. You can find it close to a beach of the same name not too far from the tourist town of Armacao de Pera.

Easy access?
Visiting the Benagil Sea Cave is not that straight forward, i.e. you can’t just walk there. Direct access is only possible via the ocean. And that basically leaves three options: you can peek through a giant hole into the cave, you can take a boat or you can swim there. Let’s start with the easy option. It’s a simple 5 min walk along the cliffs of the Praia de Benagil to get to the top of the cave. You can gaze into it to get a sense for the size. The view is kind of neat but it’s not very satisfying and it creates as strong urge to go inside:

If you walk further along the trail you will arrive at a lookout across the Praia de Benagil – the view is not too shabby, is it?

When you walk down to the beach,

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