08 Mar The beautiful symbiosis between a photographer and a photographer/model

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When we first published the work of Mariana Cheoo in the October 2020 edition, we were impressed by the delicacy of her portraits, the intimate approach and the extraordinary use of the available light. When we realized that Mariana feels just as comfortable behind a camera as in front of it, we immediately had an idea. Choosing one of her most recent photoshoots, in which Mariana was not the photographer but the model, we thought that a “four hands” piece would be quite interesting to read. We launched the challenge to Mariana Cheoo and the photographer Rafael Malvar to report their personal experiences from this particular photoshoot. And we could not have been more gratified with the result, which we are pleased to share with you. We hope you enjoy it.

Many thanks to Mariana and Rafael for responding to this challenge!
Maurício & Hugo
Co-founders and editors of the Fuji X Passion project

This is a unique article between two photographers that found each other in a lost road (for a deeper reading to better understand this connection, listen to ‘Bon Iver – Re: Stacks’ music while you go through this).

Mariana Cheoo
You must have seen Mariana Cheoo walking in the middle of the autumn season, in the October 2020 Magazine.

A born artist, she became Miss Engineer to the delight of her parents. Today, she thanks: the degree taught her how to cope with business skills.

She survived too long to do something she did not like, until,

The beautiful symbiosis between a photographer and a photographer/model posted on Fuji X Passion on

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