03 Feb The Artist and The Space: Andrew

Source: Valérie Jardin

This week I had the privilege to be invited to spend time with Andrew Dipper, a renowned maker and restorer of fine violins and cellos from London. Andrew is also a historian and a writer. He now works in Minneapolis as vice president at the prestigious Claire givens Violins, Inc.

While I photographed Andrew at work, I really enjoyed our conversation about some of the rarest instruments he’s worked on as well as some famous violinmakers whose portraits he collects in his studio. The precision of the artistry required to work on such instruments is incredible. Andrew shared with me that a luthier often works for several years on guitar restoration before graduating to violins and cellos which are much more complex instruments. Once again, I left this experience with utmost respect for the passion and craftsmanship of an art I knew so little about.

This project is feeding my artist soul and my curiosity at the same time.

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