14 Nov The ACROS Film Mode in the Fujifilm X-E3:

Source: Fujifilm Insider

Hey everyone!  So, I am definitely a RAW shooter.  I have friends that shoot in jpeg, and they even edit from them but my personal preference has always been to shoot in RAW.  In fact, pretty much every photo on this blog has been processed from a RAW file.  So, when Fujifilm came out with the ACROS film simulation mode for their X Series cameras a while back, I thought it was really cool but I haven’t really used it much.  I think I tried it once or twice but that was about it.

So, as some of you know, I’ve been reviewing the new Fuji X-E3.  I was scrolling through the menu the other day, and I felt like trying something different.  I ended up switching the film simulation mode from my usual setting, which is Provia (the standard setting) to ACROS.  I felt like shooting in black and white, and the truth is, I had nothing to really lose.  I had the X-E3 set to shoot both jpeg and RAW, so if I didn’t like the results of the jpegs, I could still edit the RAW files.  The cool thing is by setting the camera to shoot in ACROS mode, whatever I would see through my EVF would be in black and white.

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