29 Oct The 5th edition of the Fuji X Passion Virtual Photography Magazine is now available!

Hello everyone,

This last month was the busiest ever since we started the Fuji X Passion project. So many good news!

1) We can proudly announce that the Volume 2 of the Fuji X Passion printed magazine is officially released.

2) The Photography Passion website was launched and consists in a complementary project, parallel to the Fuji X Passion. Before you ask, no, it will never substitute Fuji X Passion! But we have been meeting so many talented photographers around the world that don’t use Fuji cameras (yet) and we sincerely would like to share their work.

3) We can’t tell you yet, but there is a big launch to be announced on Fuji X Passion! Keep tuned, as we will give you more details soon.

Inside this 5th issue you will find:

My Life, My Island, My Fuji, by Natanael Pérez Luis A song of light and shadow, talking with Tom Wall 24 day trip through Austria and Germany, by Ivo Jelínek I love my X-Pro2 cause it has the same philosophy of the early days, by Gabriele Lopez Chasing the Light and Processing in St Louis with the Fuji X-Pro 2, by Robert Clark The first “All Fuji” Wedding, by Fernando Ramirez Winter landscapes – Spain’s North Coast, by Jose Carpin Readers Gallery – Some of the best photos from our readers

How much does it cost?
Each monthly issue will cost ONLY 2,00€ (about 2.30 USD) – yes, you read it right! – if bought individualy, or