26 Aug The 3rd Edition of the Fuji X Passion Virtual Photography Magazine is now available!

Source: Fuji Love

Hello everyone,
We have the joy to present you the 3rd issue of the Fuji X Passion Virtual Magazine!
The diversity of the articles we bring you this month proves once more that the X system is getting mature and both professionals and amateurs are choosing it by it’s flexibility and reliability.

Curiously, there are professional photographers which by a diversity of reasons still use DSLRs on their professional assignments that, on their own personal projects, are using exclusively Fujifilm cameras! Isn’t that interesting? We can’t underestimate the value of the personal projects, because many times they are far more interesting than the comissioned ones. In a personal project there are no rules. The only barriers are the ones we put ourselves.

Do you have a personal project that you wish to share with everyone? Don’t be shy! Drop us a line at contact@fujixpassion.com and we will be delighted to take a look. The best ones will be featured on any of our channels, whether it is the website, the virtual magazine or even the printed magazine!

Inside this third issue you will find:

Street and landscape photography: my two passions!, by Norbert Oksza Strzelecki I started photographing weddings only with Fuji cameras and am completely loving it, by Eric James Leffler Self-Portraits of a Czech girl, by Dominika Lednická Before & After: my post-processing method, by Ricardo Kühl Composition, organization and natural light. Photographing can be simple, by Alex Setiawan Mongolia. On the nomadic trails. With Fuji X-T1 and

The 3rd Edition of the Fuji X Passion Virtual Photography Magazine is now available! posted on Fuji Love on .

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