18 Aug That time I wandered onto a film set

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It was only quite recently that we discovered a lovely oasis in the urban environment where we currently live. The location is the beautiful 17th century estate called Killruddery, near the town of Bray in Co. Wicklow here in Ireland. The house is very beautiful and the grounds are huge. Because its relatively unknown compared to other such places in Ireland, it can be very peaceful.

It’s also become one of my favourite places to photograph. As well as a beautiful estate, it’s also a working farm and there are vegetable gardens, wonderful flowers, animals and more, all in the one location. The house and gardens are just outside a large town, itself a suburb of Dublin, so it’s still close to an urban centre, but you would never think that when you are there. I often remark at how quiet it is there. I posted about it on my blog before.

Anyway, we were there recently, and we noticed a sign up that said “Filming in progress”. This is nothing unusual in this part of the country. They are currently filming the sequel to the Disney movie “Enchanted” not far from there. And Ireland’s largest film Studio is just around the corner too. We continued our excursion into the grounds regardless, and only a few places were closed off. One of the places we regularly frequent, and I’ve regularly photographed is a set of two large ponds in front of the main mansion. This was set up

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