18 Dec Testing my Resolve

Source: The Lightweight Photographer

This past couple of weeks has felt like someone somewhere has been testing me.

Last week I mentioned problems with my editing software and that I was unable to edit but also, I couldn’t publish articles on my website. Then at the weekend, I ventured out with my camera (I should have known better), but the weather made it impossible to shoot on either day. There was constant, heavy rain coupled with strong winds which meant you couldn’t keep the lens clear.

Fortunately, by Tuesday my photo editing problem was resolved, and I was able to work on editing photography again. I also finally tracked down the bug in my website today, which is a problem in WordPress. Whilst I can’t fix this, I have a workaround in place was able to publish an article about photography in the blue hour. Which brings me nicely onto today’s image which I shot Thursday.

Pre-dawn light on the rocks near Surprise View, Peak District

Thursday was an improvement photography wise as it stopped raining long enough for me to shoot some images. Of all the images I shot, this one is my favourite, showing some of the cold pre-dawn blue light reflected off the wet rock. The weather forecast for this location, by the way, was showing clear sky and sun on the BBC, YR and Clear Outside.

I shot this with my Fuji

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