21 Jan Terez Kočová in Prague

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Here are 31 photographs of Terez Kučová from a complete collection of 75 shots that I took in Prague. This was a ‘Lovegrove Nudes’ workshop that I ran in my rented apartment in the heart of old town Prague. Terez is a wonderful model, full of character and creative ideas. I hope to be working with her in Tuscany on this 3 day workshop in September 2018. NSFW

The shoot: A Lovegrove Nudes workshop in Prague
Photographer: Damien Lovegrove
Model: Terez Kočová
Styling: Terez and Damien

01. We started the session using the light from a window to get everyone up and running with camera settings and to get used to shooting alongside each other. I explained my strategy for exposure with high contrast scenes and how I like to handle white tones in the shot. I showed the photographers how I set up my LCD preview using the jpeg settings to emulate exactly what I see in Lightroom once Lightroom has built it’s previews and we also discussed absolute sharpness and minimum shutter speeds.

Lighting: A Lupo 1000 dual colour and a Lupo 650 dual colour with Scattergels
Camera: Fujifilm GFX50s with a GF 32-64mm lens and a GF 110mm lens. Novo T20 tripod


02. Our first lit scene was with Terez on the sofa with the tutu skirt that I had bought on Ebay. Some of these shots will make it into my forthcoming book called Tutu. I lit Terez with a Lupo 1000 set to 3200 Kelvin and angled to…

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