14 Jul Ten ways to shake ‘photographers block’ for good

Source: DP Review

Get your groove back

Have you ever found yourself in a photographic rut, feeling uninspired to go out and shoot? Most of us have – it’s a frustratingly easy place to end up. So what’s the best way to reclaim your inspiration when ‘photography block’ strikes? Through self discipline, which can be a breath of fresh air at a time when memory cards are large enough to feel limitless and social feeds provide an endless stream to flip through.

What follows are 10 tips to help you not only feel refreshed in your photography, but to stay inspired to go out and shoot. Think of these tips as a workout routine to lead you toward a healthier creative state. They are meant to supplement your photographic goals, not replace them, and they’re geared towards nurturing the skill sets that will help make you a stronger photographer. Get ready to get disciplined!

All photos by Dan Bracaglia unless otherwise credited

Switch up your medium from time to time

If you primarily shoot digital, try your hands at film. Or if you only shoot film, try digital. Why? Because the inherent nature of both mediums offer separate benefits that will help you to improve your photography. Digital gives instant feedback, which is useful for honing technical skills as well as better understanding the behavior of your gear, while film teaches us to take our time and be decisive.

These are two very different skill sets that when practiced together, create

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