19 Aug Teaching at Porto Photo Fest this October

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Just a quick heads-up for anyone based in Europe that I’ll be teaching several classes at the Porto Photo Fest on October 12-13 this fall. This is the only time I’ll be teaching in a public event this year.

The folks at PFF gave us a lot of control in structuring the classes (which they may live to regret!) But we think we have come up with some really cool stuff.

PLEASE NOTE: There is currently early bird pricing in effect. So if you might be interested, it’s worth acting in a timely manner.

Co-Teaching with Sara Lando

I’m stoked to once be again collaborating with Sara Lando, one of the most creative people (and brilliant photographers) that I know. We will be co-teaching a class, something we last did together in Ireland in 2017.

This Sunday, October 13 class will be on photographing people. It will be taught from two different perspectives. Sara and I will essentially be representing the right and left sides of your brain respectively.

We’ll be flipping back and forth from between the lighting/technical side and the interpersonal/creative side. This is a class designed both to enhance your strengths and, more important, to really go after your weaknesses. At some point Sara and I will probably get into an argument. (Not to worry, she’s Italian, so this is perfectly normal.)

This setup is probably my very favorite approach to teaching lighting, because it interweaves some more organic/human/creative layers with f/stops and lighting techniques.

The course description is not very detailed, so

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