22 Jul Tango is waiting for you

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Talking about Tango, the first thing that comes to mind is something they said to me when I was in my twenties, a phrase that stuck with me ‘EL TANGO TE ESPERA’ (Tango is waiting for you). And the law of God was fulfilled, after the 50 I began to listen assiduously attracted by its poetic and suburban lyrics.

Reading Borges I learned in his poem ‘Buenos Aires’: No nos une el amor sino el espanto, será por eso que la quiero tanto (We are not united by love but wonder, that is why I love her so much) – the city refers to its characters, its cobbled streets from the beginning of the century and all that exposed in the tango. Scholars say of Borges that his relationship with tango was ambiguous, love poems and criticism of the violence of courage and the knife.

He was a writer who walked Buenos Aires, he liked with friends to walk from Palermo to Puente Alsina in the neighbourhood of Nueva Pompeya cradle of Tango, a letter from 1926 reads: ¿Dónde está mi barrio, mi cuna querida? ¿Dónde está ese malevaje? (Where is my neighborhood, my beloved cradle? Where’s that thug?)

Its origins as a musical genre were in Río de la Plata, mid-19th century, Ambiguous in its lyrics with its lunfardo (River Plate slang) and its two-by-four measure.

In 1898 the first tango was recorded: ‘Él entrerriano’ and in 1917 the first recording of the tango-song: ‘Mi noche triste’ performed by

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