11 Feb Talk with the Fuji Guy: GFX, X100F, X-T20, XF 50mm f/2 WR

Source: Big Head Taco

If you have time, watch the entire video as Billy shares some secrets that you won’t find on anywhere else, including some things he wants to see in upcoming Fujifilm updates. For instance, is 4K video a possibility in a future update for the the X-Pro2? Will there be an update to the current smartphone Camera Remote app? Can you (or should you) use X70 accessories on the new X100F camera? Is it possible to flatten out your video profile on the X-T20 to get similar results to shooting F-LOG? Watch the entire video to find out these questions and more. If you like these types of videos, please don’t forget to ‘like’ and I’ll try to get Billy or another Fuji Guy to visit the show again. If you want to see me and Jeff from Leo’s Camera Supply together, again ‘like’ and tell me in the comments.

Fujifilm X100F 4:21
Fujifilm X-T20 11:13
Fujifilm GFX 25:23

These are the links we spoke about during the video:

Patrick La Roque’s video shot with the X-T20 and electronic gimbal

*This video was shot entirely on the Fujifilm X-T2 and XF 18-55mm f/2.8-4 lens with the booster grip. The Rode VideoMicro was used for audio (60% volume). Classic Chrome film simulation, 1080P 24fps at 1/60th sec f/5.6 set in manual focus mode.

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