25 Aug Taking the Fujifilm X-T2 to #TheUnsea – Henry Engelbrecht

When it became apparent that FujiFilm SA might give me two X-T2s to use at Oppikoppi #TheUnsea this year I was both nervous and excited. Oppikoppi is the premier music event in South Africa, with way over one hundred acts performing on various stages during the course of three days, and it is absolute heaven for music photographers such as myself. I have been shooting bands for a while now and knew exactly what to expect from my DSLRs, so I wasn’t sure if going mirrorless (using pre-production bodies with beta firmware) for such a big event was a good idea.

 Photographing live music is never easy, because you never know what you are going to get and you never have any control over it. The combination of very difficult lighting and fast moving subjects, on different stages with different lighting setups at different times of day, would mean that the X-T2 would really be thrown into the deep end during the festival. Autofocus and high-ISO performance were my biggest concerns.

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