03 Jan Take a Step Back to Improve Your Street Photography

Source: Fuji Love

For many street photographers people are the primary focus of their images. With that, one big challenge is to avoid distracting backgrounds. Some will try blurring the background with shallow depth of field, use a longer focal length, or perhaps convert the image to black and white. I must admit I’ve used some of these ‘tricks’ many times in the past. However, over the years I’ve slowly changed my thinking behind my street photography. I no longer consider ‘people’ as the centrepiece of my street photos. Instead of taking to heart Robert Capa’s famous line, “If your photographs aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough”, I’m stepping further away to improve my photography. Instead of people being the focal point in my street photos, they’ve become just one of many ‘elements’ incorporated into the overall image. As many street photographers try to gain the courage to get closer to their subjects, I’m moving in the opposite direction. Just by stepping back, it didn’t automatically make my images better. Obviously it’s more strategic. Rather than focusing on having a single subject, I looked at the overall image and balanced the various elements, like juggling balls in the air. I actually start […]

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