31 Aug Take A Different View: Fashion Photography Re-imagined

Source: Fujifilm X Blog

By Alexander Bather

I was always one of those people who would count down the minutes until it turned 5:30pm, but now I watch the clock counting down the minutes until my next photography assignment.
I enjoy the uncertainty of the job, as it could be anywhere in the world, photographing any subject and may have some unusual requirements thrown in for good measure. What is certain however, is that I will get to meet and create art with some interesting characters.

I like to think my vision is unique. I want to create and record a view of the world which is different from what some other people may see, putting my slant on the subject. Recently, whilst sat at an airport, I passed the time by looking at the myriad of different people trying to get from A to B; darting round travellators heading for their gates or standing in queues waiting for their caffeine fix at the bustling Starbucks. I noted that a large proportion of these people didn’t seem to care about the way they presented themselves, carried themselves and behaved. And hey, why should they? They are at the airport. It’s an everyday occurrence. I couldn’t help but think about the black and white photographs of the bygone times where people would have made much more of an effort with their appearance. If I were to take a street photograph now, would it reflect poorly against the older images? Because, despite the leaps forward…

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