05 Aug Take A Different View: 14 Variations of the Same Location

Source: Fujifilm Insider

I very rarely know what I am going to have presented to me when I go out to photograph a landscape. I know what I would like but we don’t always get what we want. Not only are we dealing with nature’s finest creations, we are trying to balance it with whatever the ‘greatest lighting man’ throws at us. This can often please or displease in equal measures.

Of course you can guess as much as you like but the light varies so quickly on the Fells (mountain range in the English Lake District) that to plan can often lead to disappointment. I rarely go out with a fixed plan because of this. Yes I know where I am going to go and the probable location. However, on days when it just doesn’t cut it for me, I either make mental notes or take a snap to mark that place out as one for the future. Rather than simply waiting for the event, I look at those changes and aim to capture its different ‘moods.’

Once you find somewhere you like photographing you will naturally be drawn back to it and that becomes a good way of documenting those changes. Just like ‘us’, the landscape will show itself in different ways, just as we show ourselves to others…

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