01 Apr T-NEG for Capture One Now Available

Source: Thomas Fitzgerald Photography

I’m happy to announce that my latest set of styles for Capture One is now available. T-Neg for Capture One is designed to create a film like grade to your image. The pack consists of 10 virtual “films” of my own creation, and each film has 5 variations. Each of these looks are designed to have the characteristics of film, but are my own artistic creations. The all contain film like response curves, colour tinting and grain.

I’ve been working on these for quite some time now, and it’s probably the most work I’ve done on any set of presets or styles for any platform. The idea was to create something that captured the essence of what scanned film looks like, but not by trying to copy the look of any particular film, but more to create my own stylised looks. the result was 10 “virtual films” and each comes with a number of variations. Of the 5 variations, three are simulated differences in sensitivity, as if you were using films of different ISO, one is a version with less grain, and one is an alternative version of the base style, with a more subtle film like simulation.

There’s lots more information on the store product page, including some samples and a before and after slideshow video. Check them out now!

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