03 Aug SystemGO by Benro: GoPlus Travel tripod review

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Since starting MirrorLessons more than three years ago, we’ve reviewed almost every kind of accessory … except for tripods. There are a couple of reasons for this, the main one being the time and effort required to expand our professional network and receive samples from the various brands. On a more personal note, I admit that I’ve never been a big tripod aficionado. I only bring one with me when it is strictly necessary because I like to move about with as little gear as possible. The arrival of excellent image stabilisation on some mirrorless cameras didn’t help to change my mind either!

That being said, over the past three years, I’ve become aware of how important a role tripods play in a photographer’s workflow. Naturally they are essential for specific genres that require perfect stability such as long exposures but there’s more. They help you to compose more precisely and take the necessary time to carefully consider your composition. They also ensure more sharpness. Indeed, when you try an excellent tripod, you may have a hard time going back to the mediocre/cheap model you bought “just in case”.

So we decided it was about time to start integrating tripods into our accessory review list. We begin with a product that was announced only a few months ago at the Photography Show in the UK. The Benro Goplus Travel is the latest addition in the SystemGO family. It has been designed for photographers who are always on the move and provides a few extra options that make it versatile for all sorts of applications.

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