27 Dec Switching gears: X-Pro2 to X-T3

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I started the year with the camera I’ve now been using for the past three: the X-Pro2. I’ve always thought of the X-Pro2 as a camera that was made for me. As someone who started her Fujifilm journey with an X-Pro1 in 2012 and learned about the world with it in hand (I started my nomad journey six months after I got the camera), it was a given I would have its next incarnation. X-Pro2 + XF27mmF2.8 I love the Pro2. Though there are still plenty of things I’m still finding out about it, much to the amusement of Karl, Fujifilm Nordic’s product manager, who gets messages from time to time that say “I just found ____________ in the menu! Is that new?” The answer is usually “No, it’s a few years old!” or, to my latest discovery, “It’s been there since the Finepix days!” X-Pro2 + XF23mmF2 I think my understanding of the X series menus is still stuck somewhere in the X-Pro1 days. When I get a new camera I only dive into the menu to do a few critical things: turn off the sound and AF illuminator, adjust the time and date, change the filename so files […]

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