19 Mar Swimming in a Fishbowl

Source: Little Big Travelling Camera

FUJIFILM X-Pro2 (14mm, f/2.8, 1/200 sec, ISO2500)

Before I went to Japan for the first time it was clear to me that I had to come here. The Kaiyukan, the Aquarium in Osaka, one of the biggest Aquariums in the world.

I love aquariums but the real reason why I had to see this one was the whale shark, the biggest fish in the world. There are not too many places where you can see whale sharks and there is a lot of controversy to put them in a tank because most of them don’t survive long in captivity. The aquarium in Georgia is the only place outside of Asia that have them on display. Beside all the discussion it is something truly special to see this amazing creature in real life.

When it comes to photography in a zoo or aquarium there are two approaches. One is to solely focus on the animals and to try to blend out all fences, barriers and visitors to give the impression that the images are captured in the wild. There is nothing wrong with that. I prefer zoo images that look like they were taken in the wild.

The other approach is to include the visitors and show the interaction with the animals. That works particularly well…

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