31 Mar Sweet little sister; a Fujifilm X-T20 hands-on review

Source: Fujifilm Insider

I had the opportunity (courtesy of Fujifilm Hellas) to test-drive the latest addition to the X-cameras line, the new XT20. During the few days I had the camera at my disposal, I tried to use it exactly as I’d use my “regular” bodies, so you can rest assured this is as “real world” review as it gets.

I have used this camera’s predecessor in a few instances in the past, but, to tell the truth, the difference with the latest X-Pro2/X-T2 capabilities was getting quite apparent lately. The X-T10 was certainly a success in the market, as it appealed to shooters in search of a small, well build, highly capable mirrorless body, with the popular “SLR” style. It is also more than obvious that the X-T10 was targeting the medium-level cameras from the Olympus/Panasonic and Sony competition. Cheaper but still close to prosumer level bodies are desirable to a lot of users, either as nice enthusiast primary camera, or as a secondary body for DSLR and high-end mirrorless shooters.

Simply put the X-T20 is a little sister to the XT2. It is obviously smaller in all dimensions and also features less on-board tactile controls. Let’s face it, this camera line is made to appeal to amateur photographers too, but is also doesn’t try to hide the basic photographic controls behind stupid menu options. There is an “auto” option for good measure, but a more experience photographer can use the basic controls “Fuji style”, in other words, what you see is what you get (in terms of aperture/shutter speed/exposure bias; ISO is in a menu option)….

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